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About Us

Damool Corp. was founded in 1988. Damool Corp. is family owned and operated, recognized for their total dry cleaning system. After much success, the first overseas site was established in Winnipeg , Manitoba in 1995. Five years later, Damool Corp. was named one of the best cleaners in the area. Due to high demand and success, Damool Corp. was able to expand and establish 4 more locations in Canada , one being in Alberta , Calgary .

In 2006, Damool Corp. opened their first establishment in the United States . They successfully opened establishments in Framingham , Massachusetts and Lincoln , Massachusetts . Damool Corp. was gaining the interest of consumers and growing in popularity, not only because of their excellent services but also their practice of environmentally safe products. In 2012, they successfully established a wet cleaning factory in the shopping center of Cornerstone Square , located in Westford , Massachusetts .